Praise for Managing the Pastoral Search Process

Endorsements for the 2nd Edition Revision

Endorsement from David I. Shrout

Endorsement from Judith Schwanz

Endorsement from Joe H. Leonard Jr.

Endorsements for the 1st Edition

"As a denominational executive, I am regularly asked by congregations to help them in the minister search process. This short volume by Alban is a must for such a task. It is clear and concise in detailing the steps and tasks that a pastor search committee or team must accomplish. Charts and graphs are used to guide the reader in understanding the various stages of the process from beginning to ending, from organizing a committee, to assessing the congregation, to accepting resumes, etc. I endorse this book for use by any church of any denominational group." - Timothy Boschen, Chrestone Consulting (from Amazon)

"Our church was looking for a good pastor after our pastor for 20 years retired and we had gone through several interim and unsuccessful matches. Of course, many different members of our congregation had many different ideas of what `sort' of pastor our church needed in order to be successful. Pastoral Search by John Vonhof was a very valuable tool in our successfully finding the pastor that was just the right fit for us. A must read for any pastoral relations committee, elders, and congregation who is in the process of selecting their next spiritual leader. John Vonhof guides your pastoral relations committees through a well thought out Christian process of selecting the right pastor for your church. John Vonhof uses clear messages, flow charts, and templates to help guide the process. He shows you how to tell the difference between good Christian leaders and the one good Christian leader who is right for your congregation." - Alan S. Newbold (from Amazon)

“John Vonhof has gifted the church with a resource that promises to lessen the fears and increase the success within the unique marriage of pastor and congregation. Vonhof's knowledge and experience will provide the opportunity for a safe take-off, a profitable journey, and an encouraging landing for the church and the pastor who experience the necessity of this book.” - J. Kent Roberts

“As a pastor for over twenty years, a Christian bookstore owner, and now serving for the second time as an interim pastor, I found The Alban Guide to Managing the Pastoral Search Process to be a much needed book for the Christian community dealing with the complex issue of how to call a new pastor to a church. Vonhof has been very creative and thorough in his discussion-even to the point of suggesting that a church invest in a speakerphone in order for the search committee to talk as a group with the prospective pastoral candidate! This book is full of commonsense ideas to guide the search committee in the process of calling a new pastor. Every church should have a copy of this book for their library to use when the need arises and every Christian bookstore should make this book available.” - Marion Pryfogle