A Sample Search Team Mandate

[excerpt from The Pastoral Search Journey: A Guide to Finding Your Next Pastor]
  • The search team pledges to pray each day for each member of the team and our task.
  • The search team will conduct a search process which is to result in a prioritized list of pastors to be considered for a call to Any Town church. The search team will make recommendations to board for approval. The names will be submitted to the congregation and a call extended to the one selected.
  • As part of the search process, the team may prepare or have prepared, but is not limited to, the following:
    • congregational self-study and/or questionnaire
    • church profile
    • church information packet
    • advertising
    • pastoral search fund and expense line items
    • pastoral questionnaire
    • procedures for interviews 
    • procedures for checking references
    • procedures for personality and relationship testing
    • compensation package
    • pastoral position agreement
    • search flow chart
  • The search team will submit regular progress reports to the board and the congregation and will consult with the board on all matters of importance. 
  • Major team expenses, such as airfare for flying pastors in for interviews, will require board's prior approval. Routine expenses will require committee approval and invoices will be submitted to the church treasurer for payment.