Task Cluster Charts of the Pastoral Search Process

Throughout the book, charts called Task Clusters illustrate the flow of tasks that are typically part of a search process. By following the arrows of the activities in these clusters, search committee members will be helped to think through the steps they need to consider, and to see them in the broader perspective of the whole picture. Review each task cluster after reading the chapter in which it is found and refer to
the charts as you work step by step through the search process. If you are a “big picture” thinker, these task clusters will help you see the details of each chapter on one page.

There are 14 Task Cluster Charts. These include: managing the congregation, using an interim pastor, using the Internet, determining who you are, finding candidates, communications with pastors, selection criteria, evaluation and recommendation, and more.

Sample Task Cluster

Below is a sample of one of the Task Clusters found in my two books. Since it is hard to condense a large chart onto this page, here is a link to the same chart in a PDF document.

Task Cluster